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Residence Proof

It is presumed that the applicants will have the confirmation on their residence through automated data checks conducted by DWP and HMRC. While if the case is not so, i.e. if these checks fail to provide enough proofs of duration and status of applicant’s residence, the applicant will upload the documentary evidences.
Below is a list of documents that can be accepted as residence proof, however, it is not an all-inclusive list and is subject to alteration.

Preferred evidence

Below listed documents are itemized as ‘preferred evidence’ as a single document from this list is likely to cover a significant period.
• An account summary of 12-months duration or an annual bank statement, displaying transactions of at least six months in the UK.
• A self-employed person’s annual business accounts.
• In case of an employed person, a dated letter signed by an employer will work. The letter must confirm the duration of employment in the UK and must confirm the status of employer (such as registration with Companies House or HMRC). This will be considered a residence proof for the duration of that employment.
• A P60 for a duration of 12-month (additional evidence can be requested for the confirmation of the person’s resident in the UK for a period of at least six months).
• A dated letter signed by a UK based accredited organization to confirm the duration and physical attendance at a course, or to confirm enrolment in a course coupled with a signed and dated evidence of completion (like qualification certificate). This will be considered as a residence proof for the course duration.
• A dated letter signed by a registered care home to confirm the duration of residence in the home. This letter will be considered as a residence proof for that period.
• An addressed and dated invoice from an accredited organization (university, college, or school) of the UK. It should include the student name and payment evidence. This will be considered as a residence proof for the duration equivalent to academic year or term(s).
• Document provided by the student finance body for Wales, England, Northern Ireland or Scotland or the company providing Student Loans. Document should show a UK address, such as a repayment statement or an entitlement notification. This will be considered as a residence proof for the relevant academic year or term(s).
• A tenancy agreement or residential mortgage statement, accompanying the proof of the payment of mortgage or rent (such as confirmation from the landlord or the lender). This will be considered as a residence proof for the duration covered by the agreement or statement.

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