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Will I continue to get the same state benefits?
Your application is not affected by claiming benefits. Any DWP checks are merely for establishing residence.

Are they going to check my tax details as whether I paid the tax or the amount I paid?
No. The HMRC database is checked only for establishing residence.

Am I required to declare PCNs, FPNs, motoring offences etc.?
The driving offences resulting in a criminal conviction like accidental death, drink driving etc. must be declared. Penalties are not counted under declarable convictions.

Am I required to make a declaration of county court judgments (CCJs), civil penalties, bankruptcy or insolvency?
No. No such declaration is needed.

I have been a resident of the UK for a couple of decades. Is it possible to get settled status with an earlier date?
No. Regardless of the number of years you have spent in the UK, your settled status will only be counted from the date it is granted to you. However, if you have a card of Permanent Residence (PR) or were given Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) anytime in the past and the status of your PR or ILR has not been lapsed or revoked, you can still stick to the date when your ILR was granted or the date on which your PR status was acquired.

Can I use the settled status for British citizenship?
A settled status bearer is eligible to apply for British citizenship if he meets the requirements mentioned below:
• Those who are in a civil partnership with or are married to, a British citizen are eligible to make an application as soon as they get their status.
• Those who were granted Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in another capacity for a minimum duration of 12months and that ILR had not lapsed or revoked are eligible to make an immediate application.
• Those who hold the card of permanent residence (PR) are eligible to make an application after 12 months from the date when the right of PR was granted to them.
• Those who do not fall fit in any of the above mentioned categories are eligible to make an application after 12 months from the date when they acquired the status of being settled under the scheme.

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